The Gruffalo Challenge

Welcome back everyone.

We are already into our first topic which has an art focus.  Last we a very special visitor interrupted the register…the Gruffalo!  The Gruffalo beckoned us all into the hall and let us watch a movie version of his story.  He then set us a rather tricky challenge.  We have to create a special multimedia edition of ‘The Gruffalo’ story to celebrate the book’s 15th anniversary.  The problem is, our version has to include illustrations which we have created in the same style as Axel Scheffler.  Axel Scheffler is the illustrator of the book and his illustrations are amazing.  This is really going to be a tricky challenge.

Gruffalo banner for web

So far we have been busy planning the next steps in our learning.  We have decided that we need to find out a bit about Axel Scheffler and look carefully at some of his work.  We think that we will need to develop our drawing skills and focus upon our use of different lines.  Axel Scheffler also colours his illustrations using water colours so we will need to develop our skills to be able to do this too.

As ‘The Gruffalo’ is set in the woods we have also decided that we need to go into a woods and collect ideas to help to make our work personal to us.

Axel Scheffler drawing the Gruffalo

We are going to use our illustrations and add a soundtrack to them to create a DVD story book to share with younger children.  Our first public viewing of this will be part of a 15th birthday celebration event.

Keep visiting the blog to find out about our work and how are skills are developing.

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